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Kieffer: Like a mighty oak surviving the struggle of life through the decades, all Kieffer material is comfortable and durable, and naturally horse compatible.


Stubben: Quality, long life, and exceptional craftsmanship are the standards for any Stubben product.


Albion: Renowned for their quality and design excellence. They are dedicated to seek out the very best of materials, swiss leathers, swedish steels etc.


Passier: Founded in 1867 by Georg Christian Passier. Experience and tradition, perfect craftsmanship and first class materials guarantee the top quality of Passier products.


Nelson and Rodrigo: are both world and olympic champion show jumpers, and ideally suited to design the world's leading competition saddles.


E.Jeffries: Founded in 1820 and in recent years combined with other such names as Eldonian, Falcon and Wembley, to become one of the largest suppliers of saddles in the world.


L&R saddles: Hand crafted in our walsall factory to the highest of standards, using traditional methods and the finest materials available.


County saddlery: Made at their factory in England, each saddle is constructed on their exclusive "No Twist" laminated beech wood trees and is painstakingly handcrafted and serial numbered by the Master Saddler who made it.


GFS: Field house riding equipment. The following ranges are exclusive to GFS. 2000 range, extra range, pro range and the klimke range.

Henri Brunelle: From the professional jumper and dressage rider, to the weekend rider that enjoys all the disciplines, we have the range of specialized and general purpose saddles that each rider desires.

Cardinal: Cardinal is the highest quality, handmade English Saddle, made in the traditional manner and all the best materials.

If it were a car - it would be an Aston Martin.

In addition to those makers shown, we stock a huge range of other smaller manufacturers and our Master Saddlers will make a saddle specifically for you and your horse. In particular, we have significant expertise with the various breed lines of Arab horses for racing, endurance riding, pleasure and sports disciplines. We can offer new, second hand and used saddles for sale.