Saddle pricing

The subject of pricing is very complicated. With several hundred saddles in stock, both new and used, the prices can vary enormously. 


New saddles

Adult saddles

from 599 (inc. VAT) 

Pony saddles

from 399 (inc. VAT)

outside the EU

less 17.5 % VAT

Fitting charges: Free within a 50 mile radius of any of our shops from where the saddle was purchased. Over 50 miles is 39p/mile and 15/hour travelling.

Used saddles

Pricing varies enormously depending on make, type and condition.
We also have 'Used' Ex-Demonstration with approximately 25% off maker's list price. Please phone for precise quotation.

Fitting Charges: Minimum call out charge of 45 within 50 mile radius of any of our shops. Longer distances by arrangement - call for a quote.

There are many other variables in pricing: 

  • Mail order
  • Country of delivery
  • Speed of delivery

Courier charges can vary hugely, i.e. 24 hours to California or a slow boat to China.

Please call to discuss your personal particulars or use our contact us page to send ask some questions or to send us some details.

Thank you!