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Practical saddle fitting
Published by J.A Allen, October 2005

This masterly book is unquestionably the definitive work on the subject. An acknowledgement of the professional and authoritative procedures undertaken by qualified saddle fitters of the Society of Master Saddlers.

Ken Lyndon-Dykes, is an acknowledged expert working and lecturing all over the world for more than thirty years. He is a former international level three day event rider and course leader/assessor of the Society of Master Saddlers, with an unrivalled reputation.

Over two hundred photographs and illustrations of all saddle types, English; Australian Stock; Side-Saddles.

This is an invaluable reference work, very well researched yet easy to understand with many amusing stories and personal experiences to illustrate important points.

Acclaimed by many qualified saddle fitters as "superb", "masterly", "thoroughly professional", "an absolute must as a reference work on problem solving".

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Available from the publishers Allen & Hale or from Saddleworld.
Cover price 19.99 (retail) from all good book shops and saddlers.

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